Last week at drama all Lower and Upper Primary students took part in a fantastic improvisation and mime to music entitled ‘Cruise Catastrophe‘! During this piece children played very ‘well to do’ people on a cruise ship in the 1920’s. We worked hard on characterisation in our warm ups to prepare us looking at movement, mannerisms and vocal pitch, tone and accent.

Our play started with some spoken improvisation. Students in Lower Primary were given drama lines discussing what a beautiful day it was at sea, the weather calm and sunny. Upper Primary were given several minutes in groups to come up with a short piece of improv discussing the trip, how opulent the ship was or ordering fancy food and drinks aboard.

As my students know when the music starts our voices are packed away and we must then use our bodies and facial expressions to tell the story. The track starts lively and sophisticated as students moved around the ship drinking fizz and eating hors d’oeuvres as they mimed discussion about the ship. The track suddenly changed to a dramatic storm as children mimed falling about the boat as it rocked from side to side and they were battered by wind, rain and waves. As the storm ended the track reverted back and students picked themselves up putting the ship back together again clearing the mess of the storm.

Fantastic effort by all children in the academy, it was a total joy to watch! Well done!

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