What a lovely week we had in Harpenden last Friday as the older members of Upper Primary broke off to form a new Youth Theatre class at our studio in Crabtree Juniors School.

The majority of the class have been with me since lower primary when they started doing drama when I opened the studio five years ago and I couldn’t wait to give them the opportunity to develop their performance skills further with the stunning Youth Theatre curriculum we have to offer.

I have seen some tremendous things from these children over the time I’ve been teaching them. I hear wonderful stories from parents on how confident they have become in school assemblies, how they have relished being given bigger parts in school plays or speaking lines in the infamous Harpenden Gang Show and how their confidence and self esteem has flourished on and off the stage.

During our register I asked the class what they wanted to be when they grew up and it warmed my heart to hear them all say actor, along side playing for Watford, being a professional rally car driver and president of the United States! We started with some improvisation, doing something I like to call the ‘Emotion Party’. In this case Owen was holding a party and with each new guest came a different emotion or character which the rest of the party had to emulate.

The class worked on short paired improvisations based around a mobile phone and the feeling of confusion. Each play was funny and flowed beautifully with as always some wacky ideas thrown in for good measure. These were performed and as a class we gave each group some positive feedback on the things that worked.  We finished with some ‘Crazy Conversations’ in pairs where students had to come up with a minute long improvised scene where one was complaining the other is always late. These then had to be repeated but speaking in gibberish making sure to keep the pace, tone, volume and composition of the original argument.

I’m very proud of how the class threw themselves into the new structure and gave everything all the enthusiasm and energy I’ve come to expect. I’m one very proud drama Teacher!





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