“We started drama classes with our eldest son as he was very shy & often wouldn’t talk in front of others. It was really hard watching him struggle with a school assembly or looking so uncomfortable during the Christmas play. The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy encouraged him to open up & have fun in a group. It wasn’t the focus on playing a role or acting something out on stage, it was the opportunity to try something new, work with a partner & play games, so subconsciously his barriers started to come down & he could relax. We couldn’t believe the difference we saw in him in the following school assembly & to see him on the stage for the end of year production was just fantastic! The environment that Amy created in the lessons allowed him to feel more confident & encouraged him to share his sense of humour. His brother joined him in lessons the following year as he knew he was missing out on something special.”
Radlett Mum

“My daughters attended Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in St Albans for a number of years and they had a great time. Not only did it build their self esteem, it gave them confidence in their own abilities whilst they were having fun at the same time. They were given opportunities to perform in shows creating some fantastic memories, thank you very much.”
St Albans Mum

“I only have good things to say about Helen o Grady drama classes. My two girls loved going every Saturday, adored Amy and were always super excited for show term! I always liked the fact that the class was a ‘do-able’ hour so we could fit in with other things. The classes were relaxed and they honestly had so much fun. They are a bit older now and other activities have taken over but the confidence they gained from drama will stay with them always.”
St Albans Mum

“Amelie was so shy and sheepish when she started, but Amy has been amazing for her confidence and self esteem – even the school have commented on the improvement. Both of my children attend and Amy always has time for each individual child and their parents. I really can’t praise enough”
Jackie O’Detti
Harpenden Mum

“All three of our boys attend Amy’s group’s in Harpenden and absolutely love it, she has engendered in them all a real love for drama and the sheer freedom and fun of it. It was just mind-blowing to see the confidence and enjoyment that they all stood up on stage with yesterday in their end of year shows. The time spent playing drama games and producing improvised sketches has given the children the chance to experiment and have fun, both things that are so important. Drama has helped our boys feel comfortable in their own skin. ”
Karen Carter
Proud Mum – Harpenden

“My son really enjoyed his weekly classes and loved all of the different themes, activities and dressing up. It was always clear to see how much work went into the yearly show, and how much all of the children had come on in terms of their confidence throughout each term. Highly recommended!”
Sam Walker

“My boys have been going to drama with Amy for nearly 4 years and they absolutely love it! Every week is different and lots of fun but they have learnt so many life skills during their time with Helen O’Grady. Their confidence has grown so much and they find public speaking and performing much easier than before. The end of year shows that they run are awesome and the quality of the production for such young children is fantastic. Amy is amazing and we all love her! I would highly recommend these classes.”
Kirsty Light
Happy Mum

“My kids have both loved being part of Helen O’Grady, they have very different personalities, and this brought out the best in both of them. It gives every child the chance to take part equally and let them shine! Amy is a brilliant teacher, a real inspiration!”
Nicky Lewis
Harpenden Mum

“I definitely saw improvements in my girls’ confidence following their time at HOG. Not only from a ‘performance’ point of view but just generally – in mixing with new people and when faced with new situations. Neither of them are afraid to ask questions and speak up when they need to now, when they previously found this quite difficult. Bethan wants to add that Amy was one of the most friendly adults she has ever met, and that attending the classes definitely improved her confidence. And they were good fun!”
Natalie Gerrard
Stotfold Mum

“We would like to say how much we really enjoyed the performances at the Gordon Craig Theatre on the 9th. Our son had a fantastic time and he can’t wait to start again. It was very enjoyable and we are all looking forward to going to the next one!”

“Congratulations on working wonders for the show on Sunday. I was blown away by how confident, capable and happy the kids were. Tess absolutely loves her drama!”

“Sami absolutely adores your lessons! She’s on countdown to Wednesday every week!! You are a superb teacher and her confidence has grown so much, and I know that has a lot to do with you, so thank you!”