Welcome one and all to our fantastic new website!

After working as a teacher for Helen O’Grady for a number of years now, I’m delighted to be taking over the South Herts branch as Principal. I’ll continue to deliver the very same fantastic curriculum to all Helen O’Grady studios across the region, helping boost confidence, speech and language skills, social interaction (and have a lot of fun along the way) and look forward to sharing this exciting new journey with you.

If you’re new to Helen O’Grady be sure to check out our About Us page, where you’ll find out a little more about the programme and my own experience. You can also head to the Classes page for a timetable and map of when and where you can join in the fun, take a peek at some of our students in action in the Gallery, or Contact Us straight away to find out more.

That’s all for now!


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